New Subtype of Alzheimer’s Disease Defined by #MayoClinicFL Neuroscientists – Mayo Clinic

Neuroscientist Melissa Murray, Ph.D., leads a team of neuroscientists at Mayo Clinic in Florida that have defined a subtype of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that they say is neither well recognized nor treated appropriately. In the video, she talks about the variant, called hippocampal sparing AD, which made up 11 percent of the 1,821 AD-confirmed brains examined by Mayo Clinic researchers — suggesting this subtype is relatively widespread in the general population. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 5.2 million Americans are living with AD. And with nearly half of hippocampal sparing AD patients being misdiagnosed, this could mean that well over 600,000 Americans make up this AD variant, researchers say.


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