Myocarditis Foundation – 2018 Annual Gala Welcome

Dr. Leslie Cooper, chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic, is also one of the founders of the Myocarditis Foundation. He shares more about innovations and how funding is being used to help patients with this cardiac issue.

Welcome to the annual Myocarditis Foundation gala. The excitement of tonight’s festivities is well earned. Because of the success of last years Gala, we can now celebrate the start of the Myocarditis Biobank. The biobank is a collaborative effort led by the Foundation that links pediatric and adult hospitals in the US and Europe. The aim is to develop a large and diverse repository for blood samples, and through their study learn how best to treat the different causes of myocarditis.

We also celebrate the increasing success of the Foundation’s primary mission. In our 1st 13 years we have awarded 18 grants to research trainees who work under senior experts in the field. In addition to their scientific advances, We should be proud that several of our awardees have been inspired by their experience to pursue careers in myocarditis research. They now have their own research programs and trainees.

Through your support the Foundation continues to provide accurate and up to date information about myocarditis through our web site and online community to tens of thousands of people world –wide each month.


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