Mayo Clinic in Arizona Leads Nation for Highest One-Year Survival Rates for Liver Transplants

Mayo Clinic in Arizona has been identified as having the highest one-year patient survival rate in the U.S. for both adult liver transplantation and for graft survival (meaning the liver was still functioning after one year). The statistics cover both deceased and living-donor liver transplants.

Bashar Aqel, M.D., medical director of the liver transplant program, at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, explains how Mayo leads the nation in three-year living donor liver transplant patient and graft survival. The one-year patient survival rate for living donor liver transplant is 100 percent, and the three-year patient graft survival is highest in the nation at 96.3 percent.

These statistics indicate that 97.98 percent of patients have a functioning liver transplant graft at one year, and that 98.52 percent of patients are living one year following their liver transplant – best in the nation.


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