Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic

The Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic consists of clinical, didactic and research components designed to expose trainees to the essential elements of geriatrics and gerontology. The goal of the program is to develop academic leaders with skills in clinical geriatrics, gerontologic research, geriatric medical education and administration. Fellows who complete the clinical year will be able to evaluate and manage a broad spectrum of geriatric syndromes through the entire continuum of care including ambulatory clinic, acute care and rehabilitation hospital, subacute care, long term care, assisted living, and home care. Clinical training opportunities with world class experts in key specialty clinics include geriatric neurology with a focus on dementia and movement disorders, congestive heart failure, physical medicine and rehabilitation, gero-psychiatry, urogynecology, wound care, hospice and palliative care. A unique home visit program has been developed in collaboration with state and local public health agencies to provide trainees with experience in consultative and longitudinal care as well as in home comprehensive geriatric assessment. Fellows who complete the second, research-based year will have the needed statistical, epidemiologic and research design skills to pursue an academic career in geriatrics and gerontology. Fellows interested in advanced clinician-investigator training may apply for a third year of funding through the Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging.


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