Epilepsy Care at Mayo Clinic

As a leader in epilepsy diagnostics and treatment Mayo Clinic provides expert epilepsy care. Visit https://mayocl.in/2DT8wMS to learn more or to request an appointment.

Mayo Clinic’s delivery of excellence and the resources that they bring to the table, have a lot to offer individuals with seizures that are uncontrolled. Evaluation of epilepsy requires an expert team that comes from multiple disciplines to understand the root cause of seizures and determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

Mayo Clinic integrates care to individual treatment for each patient—giving them the exact care they need the first time. As a leader in epilepsy research, Mayo Clinic works to apply this research to help treat every one of their patients. This personalized care is why Mayo Clinic continues to be a top, Level 4 Comprehensive Epilepsy Center for the treatment of epilepsy, including conditions stemming from genetic, structural, autoimmune, or neurometabolic causes.


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