Dinner at Mayowood: Enduring Values in Changing Times – Preview

1940 … the end of the Great Depression … the gathering storm of World War II … and, as administrator Harry Harwick described it, “the year of greatest crisis” for Mayo Clinic.

Following the deaths of the Mayo brothers and Sister Joseph Dempsey, the longtime superintendent of Saint Marys Hospital, many skeptics predicted “grass will grow on the streets of Rochester.”

Weaving together historic events and themes, this film imagines two journalists coming to Rochester, expecting to find an institution in decline. Invited to dinner at Mayowood, the home of Dr. Chuck and Alice Mayo, they meet an array of guests and discover the enduring strength of Mayo Clinic: teamwork in service to patients.

Mayo Clinic Heritage Films produces original documentaries and dramatizations about key aspects of Mayo’s history. With the generous support of our benefactors, these award-winning films include cinematography of the highest quality; rare photos, movies and artifacts; and interviews with people who took part in historic events. Enjoy these preview clips and visit http://store.mayoclinic.com/productList.cfm?mpc=6 to purchase the full-length DVD. Proceeds from the sale of each film support Mayo’s not-for-profit mission of excellence in patient care, research and education.


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